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Flowers from Sabine's garden

Hello everyone, I am not making so many bouquets these days, but luckily my friends still are and I love looking at them. Today I would like to show you the little wonders from Sabine's garden. Sabine is a German copywriter and blogger and online shop-owner. Her lovely blog is called azurweiss and her shop la mesa. We first met virtually through the swapping action Post aus meiner Küche last year and in real life in February in Munich during the blogger meet up "I love you blogs and coffee". She posts a lot of charming flower arrangements on her blog, and has participated many times in our #2flowergirls photo challenge. I am a big fan of her Instagram feed, where she posts a lot of lovely flowers. She usually presents simple flowers in very pretty glass or white china vases.  Some are from the flea-market and some can be purchased in her online-store.

Today, I am so glad to be showing you some of Sabine's bouquets from her beloved garden along with a little interview:


Dear Sabine, what kind of flowers do you grow in your garden?

I’m very much in love with cottage gardens and I grow typical cottage garden flowers like cornflowers, cosmoses, delphiniums, peonies and old roses together with tons of herbs like sage, rosemary, mint and chives. And not to forget some tomatoes, courgette and pumpkins. Our garden looks quite romantic and often a little bit higgledy-piggledy (because I don’t have time to keep all the weeds away) but this contrasts quite well with our  house which is pure white and very functionalist, almost Bauhaus-style.

What does your garden mean to you?

Honestly –  I think I couldn’t live without it. Working in the garden just makes me happy and I wish I had more time to spend in this little green relaxing zone.

What kind of vases do you like using for your bouquets?

Most of my vases are made of white porcelain, many of them are vintage. I like to arrange them in groups with flowers assorted by colours – mostly white, pale pink or blue. I also use transparent or blue glass vases or even glasses (vintage or new). Liqueur glasses for example are wonderful to arrange flowers like forget-me-nots or single blossoms. Especially in autumn and winter I often use rough ceramics (mostly vintage) to decorate, for example, dahlias, asters or just branches.


Thank you so much Sabine for sharing with us your lovely pictures and your love for flowers.

I wish you all a great day and hope to talk to you soon if baby love doesn't decide to make an appearance. Only 7 days to go! xxx Elodie

(c) All photography by Sabine Wittig

LOVEly flower blogs #5: Studio Abloom

Hello everyone, I hope you had a great  weekend. Today I am very excited to be welcoming Laurie on my blog. I met her and her lovely blog virtually last June as she participated in the peonies edition of the #2flowergirls project with Glomerylane. I instantly fell in love with her styling and photos, and asked her to present her fairly young blog Studio Abloom to you today and how she plans to develop it . I completely agree with Laurie when she says that "floral arrangements are really just like little gardens", but I don't want to spoil everything, so here goes to the interview. I wish you a great week full of flowers! Elodie

Studio_Abloom_1 Who are you and what are you talking about on your blog?

Hello everyone, I’m Laurie Wheeler, a photographer, stylist and designer with a love for flowers and gardens. My blog, Studio Abloom, is where I cast the seeds of my work out into the world. It’s kind of a young blog, but I see it as a place where I write about florals and gardens from the perspective of our senses and emotions as well as style, design and historical details. I also like to feature the use of floral and garden references in art, design, fashion and other parts of our everyday lives. And I include the process of restoring the garden that surrounds my late 18th century home and feature my own floral designs using my own garden-grown, local and foraged materials.

Visual images play a big part in my work, so my photography is a major feature of the blog. I’m a true romantic and so there is an ethereal and poetic feel to my photos and musings. I’m excited to be working with video as well and look forward to adding that to the blog soon. Eventually, I’d like to travel afar with my cameras to do garden and floral “interviews” for my readers. If they can’t be in a garden or have a floral arrangement sitting near them, then perhaps a beautiful photo or video would be the next best thing.

Gardens, to me, directly connect us with the natural world. Floral arrangements are really just like little gardens – only more immediate and portable. And floral and garden motifs are increasingly found in the design world. There are deep restorative powers in gardens and flowers. The senses come alive and their beauty touches us deeply. All can become right when in a garden or amongst flowers. I think we have a built-in desire to take care of what we love. So perhaps, in some little way, my work will instill a love that will ultimately help the planet. You just never know!

I look forward to seeing what Studio Abloom grows into and sharing it with you all as it blooms.

“When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it’s your world for the moment.” Georgia O’Keefe


Where does your passion for flowers come from?

It may have started early on with the lilac bush that grew outside my bedroom window as a child, or the side of the garage at my childhood home that was lined with rows of lily of the valley. Or maybe the small bouquets of garden roses my mother would sometimes put on my bedside table.

But I think it really took root when I left the corporate world after a period of intense work and travel as a visual merchandiser and stylist for a major women’s clothing retailer. I was really burned out. Soon thereafter, I was hired on by a world-renowned botanical garden as a consultant and buyer to re-style and re-merchandise their gift shop. As a side benefit, I was able to take classes there and worked my way towards a certificate in Ornamental Horticulture. I also took classes in garden and floral design. When I wasn’t in the shop I was out in the gardens. It was a very healing time for me. I travelled to France for vacation around that time and had a brief stay in Paris. I didn’t want to see  museums or really anything other than flower shops! It was that particular time that I looked back on recently when I needed to heal from a very tough personal life situation and I remembered how much I loved working with flowers and being in the garden. So I’m finding my way back to that now. As a designer and a lover of nature, garden and floral design really speak to me as it combines the two beautifully. It also has the sustainability that I find so essential now. I can do it in my back yard and on my kitchen table. I love the ephemeral quality, though it can make me a bit melancholy when the flowers come and go so quickly. My photographs help me get over that. I love the way flowers make me feel. They really are very powerful.


What inspires you?

I’m inspired by my surroundings – home and garden. It’s really hard to separate the two. I have a very deep connection to both. I live in rural Maine, so it’s definitely a bit wilder than what I’ve been used to. I can see that becoming incorporated in my work. It’s a very different gardening experience than what I’ve been used to. I spend a lot of time whacking back the wildness. But I ultimately want to work with it instead of fight against it. There is so much here that I want to work with.

I’m always using my eyes, if not all of my senses. I see in detail more often than broad views, so I can be inspired by anything at anytime. Fashion, movies, history, art, music, shops – they all play their part. I’m always prepared to receive inspiration no matter where I am or what I’m doing. It can often be in the most unlikely places! Because I’m living somewhat remotely, I rely a lot on the internet to stay connected. It used to be books and magazines that I devoured. Now it’s websites. I use Pinterest almost daily as a warm-up exercise to my creative work. Though I do still love and devour books and magazines!


What is your favorite flower?

As a photographer, designer and stylist, typically I fall in love with the specific flower I’m working with. As a gardener, it’s the one that’s currently in bloom. Oh, but okay, if I really must choose just one, it would have to be a heavily scented garden rose. The right rose can definitely make me weep. I am not exaggerating this.


Which other flower blogs are you reading regularly?

I’m enthralled with all the work so many are doing with flowers right now. Though I’m not yet in the business of designing for weddings, I do love seeing all the flower combinations on wedding blogs and they are usually photographed so beautifully. And flowers have been popping up on just about every other kind of blog recently too! On trend!

One of my favorite go-to flower blogs is Worlds End Farm. Sarah (of Saipua) and Eric live in a similar environment as mine and I love seeing what Sarah is doing with the materials that surround her. It also makes me think about doing some flower farming. I have to give a shout out to Chelsea Fuss of Frolic. She was my most recent floral design teacher and her work as a commercial floral and prop stylist is very inspiring to me.

I’m learning so much from so many and they have no idea how much inspiration they give me to go down this road. I’m really grateful to them all. And to you, Elodie! Thank you so much for this opportunity to share Studio Abloom with your readers!

In no specific order, here are a few others... (and oh, there are so much more!)

Floret Flowers Max Gill Design Emerson Merrick Amy Osaba Tinge Floral McKenzie Powell Petal Floral Design Odorantes-Paris

And my favorite gardener and garden writer/spokesperson Monty Don

You can find Studio Abloom on the web here:

www.studioabloom.com www.facebook.com/studioabloom www.instagram.com/laurie_wheeler www.pinterest.com/lauriewheeler www.twitter.com/lauriewcreative

(c) All photography by Studio Abloom

LOVEly flower blogs #2 - Love'n Fresh Flowers

Hello everyone, After presenting you the wonderful French flower blog Floresie at the beginning of July, I would like to introduce you today to the American blog Love'n Fresh Flowers, run by the very talented florist Jennie Love. Jennie and I share more than our family names, we also share our love for dahlias and  ranunculus! I really like her fresh and natural flower style and her seasonal bouquet project.

Here are a couple of pictures along with a little interview with Jennie.

Love 'n Fresh Flowers_for_madame_love

Who are you and what are you talking about in your blog?

Jennie Love, owner of Love 'n Fresh Flowers, a petite, sustainably-managed flower farm and full-service floral design studio in Philadelphia, USA. The Love 'n Fresh Flowers blog focuses on topics about growing and designing with highly-unique, seasonal flowers.   Posts are categorized into farming or designing and there are often pictures from my flower farm and from weddings I've been working on.  The Seasonal Bouquet Project is another blog I collaborate on with Erin at Floret Flower Farm.  It is a simple weekly blog where we each post beautiful photos of one floral arrangement we made that week with materials harvested from our farms and/or foraged very nearby so readers can really get a sense of what is in season each and every week.  We get many people telling us we use materials they've never even seen or heard of before.  Readers can contribute links to photos of their own seasonal, locally-sourced bouquets too.  It's such a fun and inspirational project.


Where does your passion for flowers come from?

Like many florists, I grew up with a grandmother and mother who loved to garden and helped me appreciate nature's beauty.  I also took lots of long walks as a kid on my family farm to gather wildflowers for our dinner table.  That habit seems to have stuck. 

Love 'n Fresh Flowers_3

What inspires you?

 The buckets of flowers that I harvest from my fields inspire me every day.  Nature creates such breath-taking color combinations without any fuss, and I'm constantly blown away by how spectacular they are.  I sometimes find myself stopped still in the middle of the field, staring at one singularly beautiful bloom, dreaming about how to place it perfectly in a bouquet.  I'm a lucky florist.  Taking a walk around the field always gives me all the inspiration I need.

Love_n_fresh_flowers_fields What is your favorite flower?

I grow so many and each new crop is my favorite in the moment, but the two that make me cry when they are gone for the season each year are dahlias and ranunculus.

Love 'n Fresh Flowers_2

Love 'n Fresh Flowers_3

Which other flower blogs are you reading regularly?

Floret Flower Farm The Seasonal Bouquet Project (I'm biased) Botanical Brouhaha

Thank you so much Mrs. Love for answering all my questions and being my second guest. You can find Jennie's blog here. I really like the section about her design philosophy. It is very inspiring. You might also want to follow Love n'fresh flowers on Facebook to get the latest updates.

I wish you all a brilliant week. Talk to you soon xxx


© Photos Love'n fresh flowers

LOVEly flower blogs # 1 - Florésie

Good morning everyone, Today, I want to share a bit of blogosphere love with you. When I visited my first blogging conference and said to my fellow bloggers, that I was writing about interior design and flowers, people looked back at me very surprised: a flower blog? But in the meantime, I met a lot of flower bloggers I admire and can really relate to, online or in real life from all over Europe and the US. I have decided to introduce them to you through a little interview in my new column: LOVEly flower blogs. The first one is a French one called Florésie - poésie means poetry in French - and Laetitia is really creating poetry with flowers. I love her work and I am so grateful I get to meet such lovely and talented people through my blog!

floresie_for_Madame_Love - 08

Who are you and what do you talk about in your blog?

Hello, i’m Laetitia from Florésie, a Swiss floral designer based in France. Florésie was created in 2010 to relate my adventures at the School of Florists in Paris. It has evolved as in the meantime I decided to quit my techie job to live off my passion... flowers! By reading my blog, you’ll find floral DIY for your home, inspiration for wedding flowers, and my own work starting from the flower cutting garden (which i just started this year), going through personal (sometimes very experimental) projects, and to projects realised for my customers.

Laetitia_from_floresie_for_Madame_Love - 14

Where does your passion for flowers come from?

Honestly, i don’t know. I have the feeling it was always in me, just hiding somewhere in my unconscious mind and waiting for the right time to pop out! Flowers are so beautiful and so fragile at the same time. I love this paradox and the challenge set by the ephemeralness when one wants to design with them... Floresie_for_madame_Love_06_tulips

What inspires you?

Nature first: gardens, wild flower fields, woods... I spend a lot of time observing flowers in the wild, gathering and also growing them in my garden. This makes my work really influenced by the season. And then great floral designers as well, such as Moniek Vanden Berghe, Gregor Lersch or Ariella Chezar... just to name a few.

floresie_for_Madame_Love - 05

What is your favourite flower?

Joker! I’d rather not answer, as i change my mind every day. In general, however, i do prefer garden style and locally grown flowers. I tend not to work with exotic flowers for environmental reasons...

floresie_for_Madame_Love - 07

 Which other flower blogs do you read regularly?

Floret Flower Farm, Saipua, and Sarah Winward for the inspiration. Botanical Brouhaha, and Flowerona for technical aspects, and a general view of what’s going on in the flower world...

floresie_for_Madame_Love_small - 10

Thank you so much Laetitia for being my first "victim"! I hope I made curious about Laetitia's blog. You can also like her Facebook page or follow Florésie on Bloglovin, in order to be regularly updated with her new bouquets.

I wish you all a great week-end, and don't forget to buy some flowers! xoxo Elodie

© Photos Florésie 2013. Tout droit réservé.

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