english roses

red garden roses

red_garden_roses_3Hello everyone!The days are getting colder and shorter here. The time of dahlia has come. But today I wanted to show you this beautiful roses, and you can arrange them in small vases and glasses to make a little charming composition.  I really love making mini bouquets and grouping them at the centre of the kitchen table or on top of cabinet. I also love using mini bouquets to decorate a table for a dinner and putting one bouquet next to each guest's plate. red_garden_roses_4red_garden_roses_5red_garden_roses_6I wish you all a great week end! I will be back next week with some exciting news! Talk to you soon, Elodie red_garden_roses_2

Mexican flowers with DIY vases

When I see bright green, pink or yellow, that always reminds me of mexican paintings, of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo.I have loved the Arizona Green Tea bottles for ages, so when I discovered the paloma lemonade can at my local supermarket, I had the idea of this colorful flower arrangement - the mexican way - and why not listening to some Mexican music, while reading this post?

Lhasa de Sela - El Desierto

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